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Aymoré Financing Vehicles and Personal Loans – Aymoré Financiamentos (Santander Financiamentos) is a company specialized in credit and property financing, currently the market leader in Vehicle Financing . In the new and used vehicle financing market, Aymoré Financiamentos is recognized for its fast and agile way in dealing with credit approval, for practicing aggressive and very competitive interest rates, as well as demonstrating its solidity and competence in the sector.

In 1963 the ABN AMRO Group acquired ” Aymoré Financiamentos “, becoming the Aymoré Company for Credit , Investments and Financing, later acquired by Santander Santander becoming Santander Financiamentos.

Since then it has offered the best conditions for you to realize your dreams, with exclusive lines of credit for those who want to change cars, change the furniture of the house or make the dream trip, and also finance the purchase of various types of goods and services.


Simulate and contract Aymoré Financial Products

Simulate and contract Aymoré Financial Products

With the “Direct Consumer Credit” of Aymoré Financiamentos ( Santander Financing ), the customer can purchase goods and services with fixed installments and up to 60 times fixed to pay the financing, with competitive interest rates.

Within every portfolio of products offered on websites and in hundreds of accredited stores all over Brazil, you always find a line of credit compatible with your budget and need.

Aymoré Financing and Personal Credit with Guarantee


For those who are in need of cash and have a vehicle cleared, this is an excellent type of loan to get cash and still carry on with the car. The customer can finance up to 100% the value of his vehicle and the credit money can be used however he wants.

The benefits and advantages of Aymoré Personal Loan Guarantee are as follows; the customer continues with the vehicle – the financing can be done up to 36 times fixed and special interest rates – the credit money is deposited in the bank account same day granting the financing – Count on the cheaper rates than a conventional personal credit .

Leasing facilitated from Aymoré Financing

Leasing facilitated from Aymoré Financing

Now, Aymoré Financiamentos ( Santander Financing ), offers another option for the realization of the dream of buying a new car, in Leasing, there is no collection of the Tax on Financial Operations (IOF), the minimum term is 24 months two years), and may be extended for up to five years.

So far I believe that everyone has already realized that the former Aymoré of Banco Real is now Santander Financiamentos and all the functionalities were and inherited by Santander and from there to here many services and products have been aggregated and others eliminated. This is totally normal when one bank buys another.


Let’s talk a bit about Santander Financiamentos, since one thing leads to another.

Aymoré Santander Financing

Santander Financing vehicles and goods has really become an innovative service, there are those who adore, there are those who like and there are those who hate, however, who has access can enjoy several lines of financing such as vehicles, goods or services in general , the bank offers adequate conditions for each client, with payment and special and differentiated terms.

Currently everything has become digital and in this great wave Banco Santander Financiamentos has surfed well and just launched a new application online. If you use a cell phone or smartphone you already know that it is possible to open accounts at banks, request all kinds of credit cards, apply for personal loan, among others.

With the Santander Application for financing was made to be used 100% digital, for it you can at any time do simulations online and even hire your new or used vehicle and motorcycle financing, no matter where in the country you are. By the bank’s website you can access here.

What are the lines of Santander Bank Financing

Banco Santander offers financing of vehicles, goods or services, with installment payments with adjusted conditions for each client, as well as special and differentiated forms of payment. Check out what can be financed:

  • Financing of Vehicles, motorcycles, boats, jet skis and accessories
  • Financing of Medical and hospital equipment and dental equipment
  • Financing of Furniture and building materials
  • Tourism Financing (packages, exchanges or cruises)
  • Financing for Informatics (hardware and software)
  • Sustainable Product Financing – accessibility, renewable energy and cleaner processes

How to be accredited to Santander Financiamentos

When we talk about financing, we also speak of millions of dollars being moved daily, and one of the ways to make money is being an accredited Santander financing shop. In addition to being a representative of one of the most competitive services in the market, agility and credit analysis of customers will be much better. Sell ​​on time and receive cash cash.

If you own a car and motorcycle shop and want to be accredited with Santander financing to offer your customers more of this possibility of buying vehicles, financed by Santander, contact the Relationship Center, through the phones :

  • Phone: 4004-1080
  • Phone: 0800-722-1080

Renegotiate your direct debt with Santander Financiamentos


Are you looking for ways to prevent your name getting dirty or restricted on Serasa and SPC? If you have some money in hand, but not enough to pay your debts with Santander Financiamentos of some good that you acquired and gave problem to continue paying, the tip is you try to renegotiate the debts with new conditions .

These negotiations can lead to reduction of balances and even interest, or even affordable monthly payments. While this strategy is generally geared toward settlement and discharge of debts, it can also be applied to pending contracts.

Banco Santander (Brasil) S / A works in partnership with the following companies to renegotiate debts:

Renegotiate your direct debt with Santander Financiamentos


Issue Tickets from Santander Financiamentos and Aymoré


For customers who need to issue a payment slip for some Santander financing, just go to the bank’s official website and choose the type of ticket you need, including:

  1. Debt Renegotiation : This option serves to issue the second way of billed your debt renegotiation.
  2. Issuance of 2nd route : Issuing the second route of Santander’s tickets is easy and fast.
  3. Overdue Ticket : You can issue the 2nd way out of a missed Santander ticket in seconds.
  4. Electronic Ticket – Email : Receive email notifications about payment and tickets.
  5. Certificate / tickets – Insurance : Download the file and request the second copy of the ticket or insurance certificate.
  6. DDA (Authorized Direct Debit) : Get tickets electronically, make quick payments without typing bar codes.
  7. Real Estate Credit Bills : Access the 2nd round of payment slips for your Real Estate Credit.


Santander Relationship Center Financing


Santander Relationship Center Financing