The Good Lender runs out of money to pay suppliers

And meanwhile, with interim government and while some lose in frills negotiating who will be the next government of the Good Lender and others are engaged in distraction by presenting statements of disobedience and independence more typical of a mischievous teenager than of someone who takes a DUI seriously , in Catalonia… The truth is that….

A couple of days ago we were told by a couple of service providers for the Good Finance. This month the GFI has given the order not to pay an invoice to suppliers.

Although once the cost has passed


It is already difficult for any SME that provides services to the public administration to wait 120 days to be able to collect the work you do, although once the cost has passed and the collection wheel has started, while these are made late but they are timely the situation can be make manageable. What destroys anyone is that the collection wheel suddenly stops a month dry.

The hole they make you may simply be unrecoverable. Well, this is what will happen this month in Catalonia with the companies that provide their service to the Good Finance health system, for them with the default of this month they have arrived on Halloween.

Non-payment will also be extended to pharmacies


From what I read today, non-payment will also be extended to pharmacies. Today the Good Lender confirmed that the money to pay for medicines has run out. According to the Good Finance Government, the fault is that the Ministry of Finance has been blocking since last May a game of 2.3 billion of the Autonomous Liquidity Fund (FLA).

Unfair? Surely. But what can I say. If you dedicate yourself to threaten independence or to announce with a loudspeaker that from now on you do not recognize the Spanish State, then it is normal for the other party not to finance you. Some seem to have not learned the lesson of Greece. A lot of enthusiasm, a lot of encouragement, but we have already noticed it repeatedly in the blog.

According to what pulses you want to take and with whom to do it in an “amateur” and willful way, it will only serve to break your wrist. A battle lost beforehand where you will be much worse than before. Worn and without any strength to negotiate anything.

To undertake a DUI with 47% of the votes and without a majority in the Good Finance parliament of at least 2/3 is to bring Catalonia and its citizens to a disaster, something similar to what Syriza did with Greece.

To the Greeks the joke lasted 8 months, seven months during which we were already telling you that they had no chance. Without gathering international reserves, his pulse was just a bluff.

The cost of distracting staff with juggling games, is a strategy not only stupid but also does not usually end up free.


For the sovereigns, their great ally, they are a gang of “amateur” independentists who have joined the Parlament of Catalonia.

No wonder Good Finance read the statement the other day released a … “But what is this?”

The worrying thing is that this default, which begins in October is on its way, to extend at least until January 2016, and that if there is no SME that can resist it. If the coffers of the Good Lender are empty, I do not believe that the government of Spain will replace them until the general elections have been held. Just as the gang of teenagers who have taken the Parlament, realize that they can no longer pay their salary, the same day they will stop taking selfies at the expense of all Good Finances and start taking things a little more seriously.

Of course, it seems that some of them may be somewhat more serious and farsighted and for years they have accumulated a fund of $ 900 million in Belize that I imagine it must be in order to finance the founding of the Good Finance Republic. Someone would have to let them know that they are already starting to need their money to at least be able to pay for the medicines.