Monthly Repayment Loan


The doors of Bis fair will soon open again. In Flanders Expo they will receive you from 8 to 16 October. A lot of exhibitors, brands and professionals who show the latest technologies.

You as a customer, working on renovation or renovation can get a lot of ideas here. Sometimes there are things you have not thought of yet, something that can make your work much easier. Or something that is cheaper than your original idea. Discover it at the Bis Fair 2016.

In addition to products and services, you can also find banks. The financial aspect is very important in a renovation. It costs a lot of money, and often you just do not have enough own resources. The banks like to jump into the dance and propose a renovation loan. These are often very interesting at cost, but currently Beobank has a very interesting ecological renovation loan or classic renovation loan. The cost percentage is not really worth mentioning here, it comes on top of the borrowed capital. But a renovation often costs thousands of euros. If we then speak of several hundred euros as costs. In that case, that will be lost in the big work that a renovation is.


 Renovation loan

 Renovation loan


The ecological or classic renovation loan can also be quickly calculated by an online simulation on the Beobank website. Enter the amount you wish to derive and choose a installment period. You will soon see the amount of the monthly repayment. If you think that is a windfall, you can immediately apply for the loan. The bank will first check who you are and what your income and expenses are. If that’s all right, you can have the renovation loan quickly. The money comes to your account and you can get started with the work. Once you start the work you will spend the money well to be able to execute as much as possible. You can do a lot yourself with solid material and lots of goodwill. If you prefer to hire a professional, you are absolutely certain and everything is finished from start to finish.

The list of exhibitors is immensely large, the Bis trade fair is therefore very popular with professionals and individuals who want to work to adjust their home. If you are without ideas or want a second opinion, you can go to the Expo in Ghent to spend a day there. Everything is without obligation and you can gather as much information as you want. For a renovation loan at Beobank, you must of course look at their stand. There you will speak to someone and clearly communicate all information. This way you quickly get an idea of ​​what the possibilities are and how much you can ultimately borrow. Based on this you can also estimate which work you can carry out and what might fall out of the boat.

So make sure you have a day off between 8 and 16 October, you should definitely visit the Bisbeurs. View the plan on the website, and look for the Beobank stand. Then you can suddenly go there to start your renovation plans.