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There is a great demand for good prepaid credit cards in Belgium. And the supply of such cards continues to grow.

There are currently about 1 million active users in our country of these debit cards. The prepaid credit card is particularly popular among young people. They usually do not qualify for ordinary credit cards. There are, however, many differences in these – as they are also called – debit cards. We will come back to that later.

What can you do with a prepaid credit card?

With a prepaid credit card it is possible to securely make small online payments. You can easily pay for apps, books, games and music. The card also functions as a kind of financial money reserve. Handy during your holidays. You can not work in debt with a prepaid card and the card is accepted virtually anywhere in the world. Because of all these advantages, Belgians are increasingly opting for the debit card. Even if they qualify for a regular credit card!



In fact, the term “prepaid credit card” is rather confusing. There is no credit at all. So you can not stand in the red. You must recharge the card with money in advance. If you settle with the prepaid card, then you settle with your own money.

Many differences between prepaid credit cards

Many differences between prepaid credit cards


There are a lot of differences between all prepaid credit cards in Belgium. Because every provider of this card may determine its own costs, conditions, benefits and restrictions. Usually you can apply for different types of prepaid cards per institution. What are the differences in particular? If you want to make a good prepaid credit card comparison, then you should certainly let your choice be determined by the differences below.


Prepaid credit card comparison – the differences:


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• The purchase prices for these cards vary enormously.
• Providers make various annual contributions.
• Pay attention to the costs per transaction (at home and abroad).
• Differences in daily limits.
• It varies per card how much balance you can charge.
• Sometimes you pay costs for charging.
• The number of times you can top up a credit card.

The 3 most popular debit cards in Belgium


The 3 most popular debit cards in Belgium

In Belgium people are particularly impressed by the Bpaid prepaid Mastercard . This is a debit card from Bpost, a postal company. A good second place is the Skrill prepaid card followed by the Paysafecard . All these 3 cards are from Mastercard. But of course, popularity does not mean everything. A card must suit your personal and financial possibilities and is therefore very personal.