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And meanwhile, with interim government and while some lose in frills negotiating who will be the next government of the Good Lender and others are engaged in distraction by presenting statements of disobedience and independence more typical of a mischievous teenager than of someone who takes a DUI seriously , in Catalonia… The truth is that….

A couple of days ago we were told by a couple of service providers for the Good Finance. This month the GFI has given the order not to pay an invoice to suppliers.

Although once the cost has passed


It is already difficult for any SME that provides services to the public administration to wait 120 days to be able to collect the work you do, although once the cost has passed and the collection wheel has started, while these are made late but they are timely the situation can be make manageable. What destroys anyone is that the collection wheel suddenly stops a month dry.

The hole they make you may simply be unrecoverable. Well, this is what will happen this month in Catalonia with the companies that provide their service to the Good Finance health system, for them with the default of this month they have arrived on Halloween.

Non-payment will also be extended to pharmacies


From what I read today, non-payment will also be extended to pharmacies. Today the Good Lender confirmed that the money to pay for medicines has run out. According to the Good Finance Government, the fault is that the Ministry of Finance has been blocking since last May a game of 2.3 billion of the Autonomous Liquidity Fund (FLA).

Unfair? Surely. But what can I say. If you dedicate yourself to threaten independence or to announce with a loudspeaker that from now on you do not recognize the Spanish State, then it is normal for the other party not to finance you. Some seem to have not learned the lesson of Greece. A lot of enthusiasm, a lot of encouragement, but we have already noticed it repeatedly in the blog.

According to what pulses you want to take and with whom to do it in an “amateur” and willful way, it will only serve to break your wrist. A battle lost beforehand where you will be much worse than before. Worn and without any strength to negotiate anything.

To undertake a DUI with 47% of the votes and without a majority in the Good Finance parliament of at least 2/3 is to bring Catalonia and its citizens to a disaster, something similar to what Syriza did with Greece.

To the Greeks the joke lasted 8 months, seven months during which we were already telling you that they had no chance. Without gathering international reserves, his pulse was just a bluff.

The cost of distracting staff with juggling games, is a strategy not only stupid but also does not usually end up free.


For the sovereigns, their great ally, they are a gang of “amateur” independentists who have joined the Parlament of Catalonia.

No wonder Good Finance read the statement the other day released a … “But what is this?”

The worrying thing is that this default, which begins in October is on its way, to extend at least until January 2016, and that if there is no SME that can resist it. If the coffers of the Good Lender are empty, I do not believe that the government of Spain will replace them until the general elections have been held. Just as the gang of teenagers who have taken the Parlament, realize that they can no longer pay their salary, the same day they will stop taking selfies at the expense of all Good Finances and start taking things a little more seriously.

Of course, it seems that some of them may be somewhat more serious and farsighted and for years they have accumulated a fund of $ 900 million in Belize that I imagine it must be in order to finance the founding of the Good Finance Republic. Someone would have to let them know that they are already starting to need their money to at least be able to pay for the medicines.

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Get help when you need to consolidate payday loans

Who of you can explain with certainty and confidence what debt consolidation entails? If you are able to do this, we welcome your knowledge of the financial world, but many people are not familiar with the details of how consolidation works, so read here.

In fact, it’s nothing more than a loan from a bank to cover the debts you owe to creditors, that is to say, everyone to whom you owe money. But how does borrowing money help you get out of the troubled waters, you ask?

The main advantage is that the loan is granted at a lower interest rate and lower than the debt you pay now. Among other things, we are aiming for credit card interest rates that are around 19% and that ruin your borrowing history without mercy.

The beauty of the thing is also that the interest rate is negotiable. So you can sit down with the bank and use your credit history to get a preferential rate. There is no point in hiding the fact that the bank has a greater bargaining power than you and that the loan is at their discretion, but a health credit file still helps to go a long way!

Besides the benefit of reducing the amount to repay to your creditors, debt consolidation simplifies the management of finances, speeds up the repayment of debts and avoids damage to long-term credit rating. Indeed, by consolidating your debts, you will be able to make your monthly payments on time and without problems!

How to make sure that your consumer proposal will be accepted?

consumer loan

The consumer proposal is too often wrongly identified with bankruptcy. Although it is not ideal to go to such a scenario, the implications of these two remedies differ dramatically. A proposal is also the solution of choice to avoid bankruptcy and it could free you of a portion of your debts if your creditors find their account.

But what is a consumer proposal? You will see that it is aptly named! This is actually an offer to your creditors offering to pay only a portion of the amount you owe them. For example, you could offer to all of your creditors to pay only 50% of the total amount to be refunded and, if they accept the offer, you will be released from the remaining 50%.

But in what world would a credit card company or other high-interest lender agree to give up so much money? In the sad world where the only alternative that comes your way is bankruptcy and that the biggest fear of these same creditors is to enter into competition with banks and other secured or priority creditors. This is a very unfortunate avenue for them, believe us! That’s why the consumer proposal mechanism works, by the way!

However, the fact that the consumer proposal affects your credit rating is a not insignificant aspect. Indeed, although minimal compared to bankruptcy, the consequences of a proposal will be displayed on your credit file for up to 3 years after the end of the proposal. In addition, the credit rating will be displayed at R7 due to this approach.

No solution is perfect! This does not mean that the consumer proposal is not the right solution for you! You will quickly see that a personal bankruptcy proves much less indulgent towards you and your wallet!

Bankruptcy, how to avoid going there?

Bankruptcy, how to avoid going there?

Just the word brings back the hair on the arms, we know it well! Nobody, and I mean nobody, wants to declare bankruptcy one day. However, it is an option that may be necessary in many cases and can put an end to a long ordeal.

By declaring bankruptcy, you protect yourself from your creditors and immediately fall under the protection of the Bankruptcy and Insolvency Act. This means that any lawsuit brought against you by people or companies to whom you owe money are suspended.

In addition, your seizable property will be seized by the trustee in bankruptcy who will be responsible for liquidating them to pay your creditors in order of priority. It is also the authorized insolvency trustee who takes care of your file in a bankruptcy case and acts as an advisor throughout this process. Moreover, if you are declaring bankruptcy, the trustee has certainly examined other possible options in advance and noted the inevitability of bankruptcy in your case.

Do not believe, however, that bankruptcy does not carry significant consequences! Anyone who has vouched for you as an endorser must now reimburse your creditors in their own name. Since you have become insolvent, any recourse to your place may bear little fruit for the same endorser who will have difficulty and misery to be reimbursed.

It is also important to mention that bankruptcy plunges your credit rating to the lowest point, R8, and it becomes extremely difficult for you to obtain credit for a period of at least 6 to 7 years. . That said, to great ills the great means!

What’s more, the bankruptcy ends with the release of the bankrupt, which means that your debts will disappear at the end of the time period. This may be worth the effort depending on the severity of your case, so discussing it with a financial advisor is an essential first step!

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The bailiff is a public official acting on behalf of the district court. Therefore, it has quite a lot of powers, but it does not mean a free hand and acting incompatible with legal norms. Each debtor should know what a bailiff can and can not do. Only in this way will he protect himself against all abuses on his part.

The basic tasks of the bailiff


The basic task of the bailiff is to execute court judgments in cases related to financial and non-financial claims, and at the same time to take care of securing these claims. If the debtor does not pay back his financial obligations within the set time, the creditor has the right to submit an application for the initiation of enforcement proceedings. In such a situation, it is up to the bailiff to recover the amount due. There are two possibilities here – either the receivable is in the form of cash, or a certain property is taken with a value equal to cash owed. In addition, it is the bailiff’s responsibility to implement other enforcement or enforcement titles issued under separate regulations, as long as they are enforced without a clause. The bailiff also prepares a report on the facts that precedes the initiation of legal proceedings or before the decision is issued. His duties also include providing court notices, announcements, complaints or protests, of course with confirmation of receipt. It can also receive an order from the creditor to look for debtor’s assets and secure a fall and prepare an inventory of the inheritor.

Enforcement of claims in accordance with the law

Enforcement of claims in accordance with the law

Enforcement proceedings are instituted at the request of the creditor, and its basis is an enforceable title provided with an enforcement clause. Bailiff’s obligation shall be a written notification of the debtor about the commencement of enforcement proceedings. The letter should contain information on who the creditor is and clearly indicate the amount to be enforced. Only then the bailiff can start to assess the debtor’s assets and decide what sources the execution will be carried out from.

What can a bailiff?

What can a bailiff?

The specificity of the profession means that the bailiff has special rights that enter quite extensively into the sphere of civil liberty. This applies not only to the ownership right, but also to the home. However, it should be clearly stressed that this does not mean that the established legal standards can be exceeded. What is more, bailiffs’ execution is subject to certain limitations and can not lead to a complete deprivation of the debtor’s means necessary to maintain, including work tools. In any case, in order to satisfy the claims of the creditor, the bailiff may:

  • To receive remuneration for work, as well as for retirement, pension or income from other sources;

In the case of a contract of employment, this may be a maximum of 50% of the remuneration, but the debtor should be left with a fixed amount for maintenance. In 2018, the amount free from seizure bailiffs is PLN 1530 net. In other words, when a person indebted on the basis of an employment contract receives a remuneration of PLN 1,530, the amount of seizure bailiff is PLN 0, and at PLN 2,000 it will be PLN 470. This means that only from PLN 3060 will the bailiff have the right to take 50% of the remuneration.

What in other cases?

What in other cases?

In turn, in the case of a part-time contract, the amount free from bailiff’s employment is calculated in proportion to the working time. The situation of people working on the basis of a mandate contract is worse, unless it is the only source of income, and the work is permanent and repeatable. Then the debtor is protected to the same extent as in the employment contract. In another case, the bailiff may take up to 100% of the remuneration received on the basis of this type of contract. At the contract for a work nothing protects the indebted person. The amount free from deductions for pensions and pensions is 75%

  • To occupy and sell a property, i.e. a house or plot owned by the debtor;

The seizure of real estate may also take place when the debtor is only a co-owner. Of course, the co-owner should be notified of this fact and he has the choice to either agree to the occupation or refuse. The bailiff then discontinues the execution of this property or applies for a clause of enforceability of co-owner. The occupied property is put up for auction, while the debt is covered with money obtained from its sale.

  • To occupy and sell movable property, e.g. a car or radio and television equipment, debtor’s household appliances;
  • Take a bank account or other property rights of a person in debt.

When the bailiff blocks the debtor’s bank account, the amount of free from seizure bailout is 75% of the minimum wage. This does not apply to maintenance debt, because in this situation, the bailiff has the right to take the entire amount of income.

Can a bailiff enter the apartment?

Can a bailiff enter the apartment?

The bailiff has the right to enter the debtor’s flat, but only if he has an executive title. In the case of refusal to let him in, the bailiff can order forced opening accompanied by the police and this also with the use of force, for example, by balancing the door. Visits on Sunday or at night require a permit from the president of a given district court.

Debtor’s rights


No debtor is completely defenseless against the bailiff and he has certain rights. If the indebted person has doubts about the correspondence between the amounts transferred by the bailiff’s employer and those transferred to the creditor, he has the right to ask the bailiff for clarification. This should be done in writing and what is important, the bailiff can not refuse to reply to the letter. In the event of a fraud or suspicion of illegal bailiff’s actions, the debtor may bring the case against the bailiff and file a complaint against him to the district court. The same will apply to the bailiff’s attachment of personal use items or work tools. Computer is such a working tool, and then the bailiff must withdraw from his attachment. It is also worth remembering that the bailiffs are not entitled to maintenance, education, family and social assistance, as well as family, childbirth, care or care allowances. The debtor also has the right to lodge a complaint against the debt enforcement decision if it was issued without his knowledge. It is also worth realizing that the indebted person is not entitled to negotiate the amount of debt with the debt collector, but he can agree with him on the form of repayment. In this way, it is often possible to minimize the nuisance associated with the obligation to regulate debt so as to satisfy the creditor at the same time. Remember that the amount of seizure bailiffs is not arbitrary and depends on the employment relationship of the indebted person. At the same time, the bailiff has no right to deprive the debtor of all the funds needed for living. In addition, not only finances, but also property are subject to enforcement. In the event of any objections to the bailiff’s work, a complaint may be lodged with the given district court, under which the bailiff is subject. Some companies also offer payday loans with a debt collector . However, is indebting in this situation a good way out? 

Should You Transfer The Credit Card Balance? – Subsidized Rate Thu, 06 Jun 2019 13:14:23 +0000

For cheap personal loans in the UK, you need to offer any of your assets as collateral to secure the loan amount. It can be your home, real estate, car or other valuable assets. Any deferral in repayment of the loan amount will give your lender all the right to take over your assets. So, you need to be very careful with the repayment plan of cheap UK personal loans.

Debt consolidation is often a tool when a person is carrying too much credit card debt. Credit cards more often have a higher interest rate than even an unsecured loan from a bank. Credit card companies justify saying that credit cards are similar to a high risk loan but because they are easier to use their risk is taken a step further.

Find out what kind of loan you need. List your needs, based on priority. How much loan do you need? What should the duration be? Is there a pre-payment facility? Are you ready to take loan online? Etc. Then compare all the low-cost loans available to you, anywhere. It may seem difficult, but you will be able to find the answer in minutes, especially on the net. Refine on your list the criteria previously decided.

Even better – the report ends with an exclusive invitation to work directly with Alan on a project he took on. It shows in detail how you can work with Alan (and with the incredibly talented and successful team of marketing experts he has assembled to assist with the project) without loading it directly for all the help.


Credit card debt score

Credit card debt score


To properly defend yourself from credit card debt score, right? You’ll need to know a lot about credit, money management, and finances in general. Usually, you are able to stay out of financial debt by making a perfect spending budget and saving money when you are able to. If you follow this strategy and avoid steering away from it, do you? There will normally be problems staying out of financial debt.

The smartest financial advice is possible from any financial institution, like a mortgage broker, if you are faced with a heavy debt, it is to seek the help of a debt consolidation company. But can you ask yourself, precisely in that option for me? Will you help me reach my financial freedom goal and discharge the debt burden into my life? The answer is yes, and different for many reasons. In this article I will explain, point by point, what exactly is the effect of debt consolidation with the best way to go about doing it.


Credit Score


Credit Score

By placing the phone in their name any teenager will be able to start having their score increased. This is a big problem so that they can benefit from car loans, mortgages and credit cards much earlier than other people. If you have to be a CoSign on anything, it is advisable to check your score first to make sure you don’t raise rates. If you have a poor score you can turn to credit repair. Credit repair is a quick and simple process that takes only a couple of weeks and is very convenient to do.
If you are a pet owner make sure that there are no persistent pet dander or pet odors in your home when you are giving a representation. This is especially true for people who have carpets, because buyers will worry if these problems will cause them to have to replace them.

Monthly Repayment Loan Sat, 25 May 2019 13:28:51 +0000


The doors of Bis fair will soon open again. In Flanders Expo they will receive you from 8 to 16 October. A lot of exhibitors, brands and professionals who show the latest technologies.

You as a customer, working on renovation or renovation can get a lot of ideas here. Sometimes there are things you have not thought of yet, something that can make your work much easier. Or something that is cheaper than your original idea. Discover it at the Bis Fair 2016.

In addition to products and services, you can also find banks. The financial aspect is very important in a renovation. It costs a lot of money, and often you just do not have enough own resources. The banks like to jump into the dance and propose a renovation loan. These are often very interesting at cost, but currently Beobank has a very interesting ecological renovation loan or classic renovation loan. The cost percentage is not really worth mentioning here, it comes on top of the borrowed capital. But a renovation often costs thousands of euros. If we then speak of several hundred euros as costs. In that case, that will be lost in the big work that a renovation is.


 Renovation loan

 Renovation loan


The ecological or classic renovation loan can also be quickly calculated by an online simulation on the Beobank website. Enter the amount you wish to derive and choose a installment period. You will soon see the amount of the monthly repayment. If you think that is a windfall, you can immediately apply for the loan. The bank will first check who you are and what your income and expenses are. If that’s all right, you can have the renovation loan quickly. The money comes to your account and you can get started with the work. Once you start the work you will spend the money well to be able to execute as much as possible. You can do a lot yourself with solid material and lots of goodwill. If you prefer to hire a professional, you are absolutely certain and everything is finished from start to finish.

The list of exhibitors is immensely large, the Bis trade fair is therefore very popular with professionals and individuals who want to work to adjust their home. If you are without ideas or want a second opinion, you can go to the Expo in Ghent to spend a day there. Everything is without obligation and you can gather as much information as you want. For a renovation loan at Beobank, you must of course look at their stand. There you will speak to someone and clearly communicate all information. This way you quickly get an idea of ​​what the possibilities are and how much you can ultimately borrow. Based on this you can also estimate which work you can carry out and what might fall out of the boat.

So make sure you have a day off between 8 and 16 October, you should definitely visit the Bisbeurs. View the plan on the website, and look for the Beobank stand. Then you can suddenly go there to start your renovation plans.


What Does The Law Say? – Credit For Indebted People Fri, 24 May 2019 17:27:52 +0000


p> The bailiff next to politicians and debt collectors holds the leading position among the most disliked professions in Poland. Although he is well prepared for his work and earns a lot – he is very often portrayed as an absolute state official who wants to plunge the debtor at all costs . However, in the light of new laws, the bailiffs’ execution is to become more humane. What, if he continues to violate his duties – he claims rights to the overdue debt or seizes the property of a third party. Is it then possible to change the bailiff?  


  Profession KOMORNIK - many have a name ...  

The bailiff is a soulless public officer! Such a picture is in the eyes of the majority of society. However, it is worth remembering that the bailiff – like a policeman, soldier, guard or judge – must enforce the sentences of the instance and act in accordance with the provisions of the Civil Code. It implements executive titles issued on the basis of separate legal provisions, and also provides court debt for complaints, protests, announcements or notifications. Few people know, however, that it also secures the fall and lists the inventory of the testator. More about rights and duties in the article: What can a bailiff and what can not?  

Therefore, it is worth knowing that all bailiff’s enforcement actions must have a legal basis. So a final judgment or payment order with an enforcement clause! Without such requirements, the process of prosecuting the debtor is unfounded!

Bailiff reform – what will change in bailiff’s law?  


By the way, many vague behavior of bailiffs in the conduct of proceedings – prompted the Ministry of Justice to change the law. From 1/01/2019, a law is in force, which introduces profound changes. And above all, it replaces over 20 years of bailiffs’ and executions of 1997 regulations.  

The new law increased the supervision and control of the Minister of Justice over enforcement officers and the obligation to record enforcement actions! Thanks to this, when one of the parties complains – the whole course of events will be possible to be reproduced. What is also important – in case of a gross violation of the law by the bailiff it is possible to dismiss him from office by the minister of justice or possibly suspension for 30 days, until the matter is clarified.

What else does the bailiff’s reform introduce?  

 What else does the bailiff's reform introduce?  


In addition to the above-mentioned changes – the bailiff bears all responsibility for the activities of the assessor who deals with the bailiff’s office in his absence, as well as:

  • In order to be beyond any suspicions and interest groups, he must give up running a business. What’s more, the only source of income is to run a bailiff’s office.  
  • A bailiff’s profession requires legal knowledge – that’s why a bailiff can become a person who graduated from a master’s degree in law – not an administration! Persons who do not have appropriate skills are 7 years from the entry into force of the law, to prove that they have completed law studies!

At the beginning of January 1, 2012, the second act – on bailiff costs – came into force . According to its assumptions, the average bailiff’s payment decreased from 12-15% to 10%. And sometimes 3% – provided that the debt will be repaid within a month of the initiation of the execution.  

The pretext for introducing changes was the desire to restore prestige and due respect for the bailiff’s profession. Yes, to be treated as a person worthy of public trust, and not only as an entrepreneur whose main goal is to make a profit, at the expense of “wielding” the debtor’s assets.


Changing the court bailiff during the enforcement proceedings  


 Changing the court <a href=bailiff during the enforcement proceedings  ” width=”613″ height=”234″ />

From our articles you can find out, among others how the bailiffs’ execution goes, what can and can not be taken by the bailiff or   after what time the bailiff takes a salary . If you are wondering about another important issue – is it possible to change the bailiff, despite the ongoing enforcement process, unfortunately, but the debtor does not have such a possibility.  

Only the creditor has the right to change the bailiff, who, after submitting the appropriate application for the initiation of the execution – he can choose it on the territory of the whole country! It is worth adding here that in this case the enforcer can not refuse to accept the statement and start specific enforcement actions! However, it is different when carrying out real estate executions. In such a situation, the bailiff authorized to conduct the case is only from the area in which the given property is present.

… What can the debtor do?  

 ... What can the debtor do?  


 During the enforcement proceedings or when the debtor is in danger of being executed by a bailiff, it is not possible to resign from one bailiff to the other … However, this does not mean that the defendant is in a lost position in advance. When the payer has settled his debt, and yet the bailiff still charges – it is possible to discontinue the proceedings, at the request of the creditor or resign from the proceedings and re-initiate the proceedings. However, the latter option involves additional costs.  

Therefore, a much more effective solution that a debtor may apply is to file a complaint against bailiff’s actions. This can be used in the case of a justified breach of privacy and good name. According to art. 767 of the Code of Civil Procedure is an appeal that is submitted to the competent district court. These can be actions that have already been made, such as a search of premises, which should be announced. But also those that have not been done yet. For example, a bailiff’s warning that it will take any tools necessary for the debtor’s gainful employment.


COMPLAINT for bailiff’s activities – what do you need?  


COMPLAINT for bailiff&#39;s activities - what do you need?  

A payer who wants to complain about the activities carried out by the bailiff – first, he must indicate specific actions that prove the violation of the law. Secondly, it has to decide whether it wants to change or repeal a particular step. Read also:   How to stop bailiffs’ execution?   

The application prepared in this way should be labeled as: “Complaint against bailiff’s actions”. The debtor should forward them with copies to each party in the hands of the enforcer who abandoned or performed the action complained of. The employee within three days of receipt of the document has the right to make adequate justification for his / her conduct, which, together with the complaint, is served on the competent district court. Unless it takes full account of the guilt – then it will be done without trial. The third equally important issue – along with the complaint, the debtor has the right to submit a request for a partial or full suspension of the enforcement proceedings that is in progress.  

Is this the end of the debtor’s options and rights? Well, no – the defendant can also apply …

Czy dluznik moze zmienic komornika1 300x200 


Court supervision of a bailiff  


When the payer does not have too much evidence to file a complaint about the bailiff’s actions, he can use another effective tool – court supervision . According to art. 759 – the enforcer, whose actions the defendant has doubts, is controlled by the court. Thanks to this, the instance can issue appropriate ordinances as well as has the power to remove current weaknesses.

To sum up, many debtors are of the opinion that the bailiff’s main goal is to seize assets as soon as possible. Nothing more wrong! Before visiting the apartment – the enforcer very often invites the defendant to talk to his office to agree on the terms of debt repayment. Therefore, his visit to the apartment is really a last resort when there is really no way to “collect” funds from the disputed receivables. That is why it is worth remembering this, taking next steps in communication with the executioner. Then you will not have to “imitate” radical decisions.


How to Make Paycheck Loan Retired Thu, 16 May 2019 14:05:06 +0000 How to make paycheck loan retired INSS

In this article we will talk about the retired payroll loan INSS. Often, if a retired senior or pensioner needs a loan, either an unsecured loan is the case of payroll, or bank loans. This type of loan makes life easier for seniors to be accepted when they need to borrow money and pay much lower interest rates.

What is retired payroll loan INSS?

The loan for retirees of the INSS and pensioners have the best interest rates for taking credit financed, start from 0.79% per month with up to 6 years to pay. This benefit was created through Law 10,820, dated 12/17/2003, with the Law retirees and pensioners of the INSS who intend to apply for personal credit or payroll loan in general have a great advantage to obtain money borrowed with low and various interest rates facilities in granting credit.

Retirees, pensioners, and the elderly are often faced with financial problems because living on their fixed retirement income does not always cover all the expenses that need to be faced day by day. Older people are also sometimes faced with difficulties in keeping their credit card payments, medicines and credit debt, and other random expenses.

Getting a paycheck loan on the benefit

Getting a paycheck loan on the benefit

If you want to get a paycheck-deductible loan you need to first ask to know if your retirement or pension type gives you the right to make the nine deductions for loans that MPAS authorizes.
Well, the most interesting of this type of loan is that the banks do not consult the Serasa and SPC of the CPF and the name. Another detail, just look in the Google searches for paycheck loan retired INSS that appears   dozens of banking institutions, credit lenders, promoters and credit agents or bank correspondents and accredited by banking and financial institutions offering the modality.

It is worth remembering that all of them must be authorized by the Central Bank and maintain an agreement with the Ministry of Social Security and INSS – National Institute of Social Security to be able to lend money to the INSS beneficiaries.

In order to formalize the personal loan payable to retirees, the beneficiary or insured person must sign a prior written authorization, in general the contracting is formalized through a payroll loan agreement with an attachment for authorization of the assignment or the retention of the monthly installment, for that the payroll deduction is made in the social security benefit.

How to consult your loan statement on the INSS?

How to consult your loan statement on the INSS?

To facilitate the INSS – National Institute of Social Security provides a list of banks and financial institutions that maintains an agreement with Social Security and can formalize the paycheck loan for retirees, it is available for consultation at .br / or statement from the INSS.

Because it is very easy to obtain the ” payroll loan for retirees of the INSS “, it is not necessary the action of middlemen or people saying that they are banks or financial intermediaries. In case of doubts regarding the promoter or the credit agent, the beneficiary should seek to keep confidentiality with their information and personal data.

It is common in certain regions of Brazil that people go through brokers going from door to door to offer payroll loans , in this case ask them whenever it is identified so that there is no doubt. Check also: loan types for retired and pensioner.


Evaluate Debit Credit Card Elimination Plans – Subsidized Rate Sat, 04 May 2019 13:27:54 +0000

When you meet with a consultant for the first time, what is your main goal? Is he or she spent all the time promoting a debt financing package or coming up with realistic strategies to help you? If you don’t get the individualized attention you deserve during the free part of the process, don’t count on them getting better once you’ve paid.


 Debt consolidation 


&nbsp;Debt consolidation&nbsp;

It is a fact that debt consolidation has become a popular choice for most Americans, but things were not the same. Indeed, the possibility of consolidating credit card debt has not always been around. Most people were totally unaware of credit card debt consolidation before mid -1900s.

If you can get more hours, do it. Being bankrupt is such unworthiness that you should at least try to go to your boss and ask for a salary increase or a promotion. After all, the worst thing they can do is say no. They are going to find out in any case if they declare bankruptcy, and they might wonder why you didn’t come and ask for their help. Moreover, if you are married and only one of you works, try to get the other a job – you never know, it could even be fun!

Low-cost loans

Low-cost loans


Low-cost loans can be used on different markets through the Internet. Services like these offer customers the benefits they find very attractive – convenience of shopping for their home loans as well as the ability to review and review a variety of offers at one time. When you are looking for a cheap online loan, try to evaluate each loan package individually and not simply a payment or interest rate for the way you would be through mail-in orders.

The options at this point are: A) Doodling the whole telephone directory for all agents tied to this particular jewel and hope like hell, one of them has a lower quote you can afford; B) you go to the bank and ask for a loan for the house and after being put on hold, explaining your particular situation to several employees, carefully filling in and presenting all the necessary paperwork, and waiting 10-12 days more than what they said they had to, only to be rejected. Because let’s face it, the recession is up and the banks aren’t exactly handing out home loans on a plate.

Look around – You should go and look around to approve the application. It is advisable to apply to said online brokers who will forward the application to multiple lenders. Each intermediary works with its specific type of credit institution. Some work with flexible credit institutions and not others. So look for the best option.

The company continued to absorb the costs associated with its troubled mortgage unit. The unit has lost about a billion. He published loss for three years to 2010. In addition, Bank of America had controversies with Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, which cost billions that they settled at the beginning of January 2011. In addition, an investigation into the practices of foreclosure.

The Federal Housing Authority (FHA) was created in 1934 to help potential homeowners access the money to increase the rates of homeowners throughout the United States. FHA loan programs require little money on a new purchase (usually only 3% of the purchase price) and lend up to 95% of the value of a home on a refinance cash out. This high loan-to-value ratio is the main appeal of an FHA operation.

When To Go On Holiday And Pay Payday Loans For It As Little As Possible? Thu, 02 May 2019 17:25:03 +0000



A trip to your dream holiday does not have to be very expensive. If you do not like to overpay, but you want to visit many interesting corners in Poland and abroad, check with us when it’s best to go on holiday and pay even less for it.

We usually wait for holidays throughout the year. That’s when we can relax and forget about our everyday life. We can decide to go to the country, but we can also visit other corners around the world – the possibilities are endless!

Dream holidays, however, do not have to lead to ruining your home budget. The lack of a stuffed wallet does not mean that we have to give up rest. Of course, a quick installment loan can also be a solution. The most important, however, is planning a cost-effective event for us and a trip in a time that will mean lower costs.


When are the cheapest vacations?


When are the cheapest vacations?

Most pay for travel in the so-called season. In Poland, this is the period from the beginning of July to the end of August, when it comes to holidays in the summer, as well as in winter holidays and long weekends. During this period, hotels and other accommodation establishments raise prices, so we have to prepare for bigger expenses. When it comes to oriental countries, the season is lost for other months depending on the climate zone.

Therefore, if we would like to pay even less for a holiday trip, it is worth going on a trip outside the summit. We do not have to be afraid of bad weather – in September the weather is often still very good. What’s more, we do not have to worry about such a large crowd.

They not only cheaper, but also flights


The prices of air tickets are also conditioned by the holiday season. Therefore, when we want to buy your flight in popular months among tourists, we have to prepare for additional expenses. Even when we buy a flight in advance, we will have to pay more than for this before or after the season.

Organizing holidays off-season will allow us to reduce transport costs, so we can visit further corners without overpaying.


Is it always profitable to organize a trip yourself?


Is it always profitable to organize a trip yourself?


Many people think that the cheapest trips are those organized on their own. However, this rule does not always work. When you are going to go on a vacation to Egypt, Turkey or Morocco or other popular countries among tourists, buying a flight and accommodation yourself will be more expensive than taking advantage of an organized trip.

What’s more, travel agencies have different last minute offers to offer, which is why thanks to them we can save up to half the price of the trip. Of course, we will need the money right away, because the trip usually takes place within a few days. Then an installment loan will be very helpful, thanks to which you will get money for your holiday in no time.

To sum up, if we want to go on holiday without overpaying, it is worth remembering that it is most profitable to do it out of season. It is at that time that the costs of accommodation, communication and other services are getting smaller, so we can go to the desired places at a lower price than a few weeks ago.

Many Differences in Prepaid Credit Cards – Credit Loans Sat, 06 Apr 2019 13:45:26 +0000


There is a great demand for good prepaid credit cards in Belgium. And the supply of such cards continues to grow.

There are currently about 1 million active users in our country of these debit cards. The prepaid credit card is particularly popular among young people. They usually do not qualify for ordinary credit cards. There are, however, many differences in these – as they are also called – debit cards. We will come back to that later.

What can you do with a prepaid credit card?

With a prepaid credit card it is possible to securely make small online payments. You can easily pay for apps, books, games and music. The card also functions as a kind of financial money reserve. Handy during your holidays. You can not work in debt with a prepaid card and the card is accepted virtually anywhere in the world. Because of all these advantages, Belgians are increasingly opting for the debit card. Even if they qualify for a regular credit card!



In fact, the term “prepaid credit card” is rather confusing. There is no credit at all. So you can not stand in the red. You must recharge the card with money in advance. If you settle with the prepaid card, then you settle with your own money.

Many differences between prepaid credit cards

Many differences between prepaid credit cards


There are a lot of differences between all prepaid credit cards in Belgium. Because every provider of this card may determine its own costs, conditions, benefits and restrictions. Usually you can apply for different types of prepaid cards per institution. What are the differences in particular? If you want to make a good prepaid credit card comparison, then you should certainly let your choice be determined by the differences below.


Prepaid credit card comparison – the differences:


Prepaid <a href=credit card comparison – the differences:” />


• The purchase prices for these cards vary enormously.
• Providers make various annual contributions.
• Pay attention to the costs per transaction (at home and abroad).
• Differences in daily limits.
• It varies per card how much balance you can charge.
• Sometimes you pay costs for charging.
• The number of times you can top up a credit card.

The 3 most popular debit cards in Belgium


The 3 most popular debit cards in Belgium

In Belgium people are particularly impressed by the Bpaid prepaid Mastercard . This is a debit card from Bpost, a postal company. A good second place is the Skrill prepaid card followed by the Paysafecard . All these 3 cards are from Mastercard. But of course, popularity does not mean everything. A card must suit your personal and financial possibilities and is therefore very personal.