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Bradesco bank loan ? Have you ever had to borrow money from Banco Bradesco? Know the lines and modalities of credit for individuals offered by the Bank, Bradesco has several lines of credit available for quick and easy release of money. If you are “in need of a personal loan,” it is very simple to make a simulation and choose the best one option you need.

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In Bradesco’s online personal loan , credit analysis is done online through the Internet. The result of your proposal and informed quickly, in a moment you know if operation was approved or not, once approved the cash credit is released instantly into your checking account, $ 1,000.00 is the limit of the bank loan Bradesco by internet . We can not forget Bradesco credit cards.

Loan Consignado



It is a modality of personal loan that offers to Public Servants, Retired and Pensioners of the INSS, a credit with discount directly in the payroll, paycheck or in the benefit, this credit offers one of the best interest rates of the market, different terms and advantages and exclusive Bradesco does not require the presentation of a guarantor or guarantee to obtain the personal loans .

Bradesco Vehicle Warranty Financing

Bradesco Vehicle Warranty Financing


In this mode of financing with guarantee, customers who own vehicles in their name, already taken away and are in need of quick cash, just use it to make the loan by placing the car as collateral of the credit operation. Interest rates vary by store. These fees are fixed at the time of purchase and do not change over the course of the installments.

In addition, in this type of financing is charged, at the beginning of the contract, the tax on financial transaction (IOF).

The use of boleto bancário, own store card or installment with check are options that the merchants can offer for the payment of the financing.

  1. Money on the Hand – Ideal for those who need quick borrowed money! Exclusive to Bradesco Customer
  2. Vehicle loan – Bradesco has the best conditions for you to go out there by new car
  3. Financing Goods – Buy Computers, Appliances, and Everything You Always Wanted



“Bradesco is the second largest private bank in Brazil (in total assets), and grew mainly through mergers and acquisitions. It was founded in 1943 in the city of Marília, in the interior of São Paulo, by Colonel Galdino de Almeida and two other friends. Its original name was Casa Bancária Almeida and then Banco Brasileiro de Descuentos SA, whose acronym was “Bradesco”, which became the corporate name. “